5 Reasons to Order a Cake with Buttercream Instead of Fondant


Choosing the right type of icing for your cake is going to impact everything from how it looks to how it tastes, so it makes sense to consider all the available options next time you're ordering one. For most people, the choice comes down to buttercream icing versus fondant icing. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, so there isn't really one right answer. That said, buttercream is often the preferred option, and here are just five reasons why.

1. Preferred Taste

Taste is often subjective, but people generally prefer the taste of buttercream over fondant. While fondant is tasty, it's usually prized more for how well it can be shaped into intricate designs than for its taste. Buttercream is much softer and richer than fondant. Additionally, it can be flavoured with a wide range of other ingredients to create something special. If taste is the main thing that matters, you're probably better off with buttercream.

2. Lower Cost

Cost is generally going to be a factor when ordering a cake, especially when you need to order one that will feed a larger group. Because its ingredients are much simpler and generally cheaper, buttercream will usually be less expensive than fondant. You can either save that money or put it towards a larger or more complex cake than you could otherwise afford.

3. Available Faster  

Another reason why fondant icing tends to be more expensive than buttercream icing is that it takes much longer to make. This is one reason why people often choose buttercream when they're baking at home, but it's also something you should think about when you're ordering a cake. Since buttercream icing doesn't take as long, you'll often be able to get a buttercream cake sooner than a fondant cake.

4. Less Prone to Drying Out

Fondant can last quite a long time, but it won't necessarily maintain its flavour unless stored correctly. In fact, fondant can dry out quite quickly. This will create cracks across the surface and often cause it to become uncomfortably hard. Buttercream doesn't dry out in the same way, so this won't be a concern.

5. Lighter Weight

Finally, keep in mind that buttercream icing is much lighter than fondant icing. This might not sound like an important consideration, but some lighter sponges and larger or more complex cake designs will not support the weight of fondant. Since buttercream is so much lighter, it can be added across almost any surface.

For more information, visit a local cake shop.


12 December 2022

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